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Riverhill Trials set to begin on Windows and Mac in April - By

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Waking up in the middle of nowhere is never a good thing, especially when you suffer from memory loss and your surroundings aren't playing nice. Indie developer Watercolor Games will confront players with precisely that scenario this spring with the release of its debut first-person platforming adventure Riverhill Trials.

Riverhill Trials puts players in the shoes of some poor soul stuck in the wild with no memory of how he got there. It goes without saying that our hero will face a number of daunting challenges, both mental and physical, in an attempt to make his daring escape. Assuming, of course, that the forest doesn't swallow him whole.

The game is presented in a vibrant 3D art style, somewhat reminiscent of Firewatch, with more than 10 different locations to explore. The colors are deep, unusual, and impressive, suggesting that the designers aren’t going for something realistic or true-to-life. But though it may look scenic, to make things more than a bit creepy, the protagonist "soon finds out that the forest is alive and moving and with each step he takes [it] challenges him." In addition to solving puzzles, players will need to conquer a handful of platforming segments across these varied “dynamic” environs.

To keep up with the game in the meantime, you can follow the adventure through its official website.

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