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Hi! In this post I talk a bit about our first day on Kickstarter and the things that we are going through as we move ahead!

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Hi Everyone. Our first day on Kickstarter was very exciting and FULL of work! I spent most of the day just getting everything out there. Uploading the demo, setting up our Steam Greenlight submission etc. It was really exciting experience. The most exciting part was just knowing that the game demo is available and people can finally play the game that I have spent the last year and an half working on!

We have 10 backers so far and we can't wait to get more. People are talking about the game on Greenlight as well which is very good! Someone also write a first impression of the game saying...

"Well. I've played an hour or two and i'm impreesed a lot. It is very cool and mixes few my favourite genres: survival, sandbox, RPG, roguelike and much of hardcore (i've been died a lot times =)! Besides, it all covered in such pleasant coverage - nice visual part and magnificent music. Gameplay... i don't have any free minute in a game! Goblins, starvation, out of craft materials, goblins, discovering(what else i see in there), starvation, goblins... And night... Of course, there is hell coming! ..." Read the full post here

Ok, that's it for now. Talk to you guys again tomorrow!


Check out our New Video for our Kickstarter!

Please Vote YES for us on Greenlight!

We can't wait to hear what you guys think about this game and hope that you will consider backing us on Kickstarter so that we can get the game completed! Please follow me on twitter to stay updated on the game's progress! @ienderi

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