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A brief update detailing current activities and fun that I'm having with this mod.

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Despite the fact that the new Avatar is having trouble shooting his payload I am however working on other aspects aswell. Such as advancing The Brotherhood beyond the level that Tiberium Wars has them at.
The Enlightened now have fully functioning charged particle weapons. The lasers are nice and shiny and have been correctly proportioned.
But the interesting part is the Advanced Weapons upgrade.
It's a Tech Assembly upgrade which means I had to move the Signature Generator to its rightful home on the Nod Airfield.
The changes that the new "Advanced Weapons" upgrade makes are;

Enlightened - Charged Particle Beam upgrades to Super Charged Particle BeamAwakened - Chaingun upgrades to Charged Particle BeamShredder Turret - Flak shot upgrades to Charged Particle Beam

So far I am leaving that as it is. I'm unsure as to whether I should variate between the 2 Nod factions where the Venom is concerned. I could just leave it with the Spitfire Laser Capacitor upgrade or changed it to 1 of the 2 upgraded weapons.

Also I am considering Veterancy based defence structures. Where the structures can level up as they progress through the game. Much like any other unit you may use.
Any opinion on this would be appreciated as I'm not entirely sure about it myself.

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scrin info please

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