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We did it, in less than 3 hours we made the advanced crafting script. Makes me wonder, why all these Developers are taking month's to write a few scripts, I will not say there names, but it goes to show who is dedicated, and who is just carefree.

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It is a bit buggy, but that will be fixed when we send the script around, and get it all cleaned up, there will also be more than just cinder blocks, you will later be able to chop down tree's, harvest them, and make walls with them as well. I believe the issues with AI being able to push aside the objects are not with the objects, but with the AI themselves, I will look into it more, but right now, it is low priority on the list of things to do.

We will continue to work on the starting area and add the new version of advanced crafting to it, I will post some screen shots of actual game play in a few days time, But before we part, I would like you all to know, that we are not the type of developers that take month's and month's to fix things, and add stuff into the game, we are very dedicated to development, and I hope more games with dedicated staff start popping up, with all that being said I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Looks cool, but where's the "Advanced" you were insinuating in the title? All I see is a simple in-world: If there is "x" amount of "y" material at "z" radius position, destroy them and create "a" object at this position. There's no need to diminish other devs' work as some could say 3 hours is a long time for this kind of code.

Keep prototyping though and learning though, its worth it!

Best wishes :)

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shakyshawn8151 Author

Hello, I say advanced as in different levels of in game crafting not based on the script, for instance there is basic crafting, and in basic you can craft meds and ammo, in advanced tier you can make more advanced things such as barricades, buildings, etc.

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