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Overview of the planned advanved building toolkit that will be implemented into the game.

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The building system allows rapid building of large structures with more complex tools.Each wall is technically made up of 8 blocks. Blocks are turned into other building nmaterials in the menu.I used a dirt block in the example. Each block will turn into flooring and walls. But many options will be made available. You must have resources to build with these advanced tools. You can still build with blocks if you choose. Things like roofs, Aesthetic features like trim, pillars and columns are possible. The possibilities are endless. Using this system you can build triangular shapes as well as circular ones. More tools will be designed and developed, Removing blocks will be just as simple as placing them.Once you've designed your structure, Maybe you forgot something? No problem. Each square area is completely destructable outside of the editor for easy of use. This way you can build your structure, go back in game and build windows or doors. If you have any ideas on how this system can be expanded on, Let us know. We are interested in what others have to say about our features.

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