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This article explains how the progress is going for adding the neighbor.

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I have good news. The neighbor is coming to messy neighbor faster than i thought. Right now im testing him to see if his AI works with the junk everywhere. And here are the results i got.

Test 1: Living Room

Basically i put him in the living room. and this is what he did.

  • Tries to walk to TV.
  • Kicks an armchair.
  • Armchair flings into trap.
  • Things start getting in his path.
  • So he kicking items randomly.
  • Causing his AI to think that the player made that mess.
  • So he leaves the room looking for the player.

Living room

Test 2: BedRoom

I did the same thing except with the bedroom.

  • Goes to watch TV.
  • Ottoman Furniture gets in the way.
  • He kicks it away
  • It sets off a trap.
  • knocking down a table.
  • and knocking down a dummy.
  • Something went flinging to the corner.
  • That lured him there.
  • then he kept trying and trying to question that object. but he couldnt.
  • So he got stuck.
  • Until i got his attention.


Test 3: Kitchen / Bathroom

This time i put him in the kitchen.

  • Drinks his milk.
  • Finishes milk.
  • Goes outside and drops milk on grass.
  • Tries to go to the bathroom. (It was locked)
  • Knocks down a dummy.
  • Dummy gets stuck inside the door.
  • He kicks it repeatedly.
  • Until he gave up and went to a different room.

Screenshot 51

Test 4: Bedroom Again.

I decided to put him in the bedroom again and see if he would go to sleep.

  • He tries to go to the TV.
  • I get his attention so he doesnt watch TV.
  • He goes to the bed.
  • There is stuff in the way.
  • He kicks it.
  • It knocks down a table.
  • The table is in the way.
  • He kicks the table.
  • It flings onto the bed.
  • He goes to sleep.
  • Then i try to get key to open bathroom and fail miserably. XD


Those were my 4 tests for the neighbor. He failed all 4. but whatever!

:) Update soon...


I wish I could get this mod

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