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add tennis mode in basketball mod in Mount&blade;...

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tennis scene


tennis scene

Basketball modv0.89

From the basketball mod mode camping interface, there will be a play tennis extra play options, new tennis mode.

Rules, first of all, there are four out of the bounds of the range, hit the ball, the ball will fly out, in order to simplify the judgment, do not consider the server's face, is directly in accordance with the direction of this team of venues serve. Ball drop the other venues one point on the ground, the ball was hit in the air as a reverse, catching the ball will be carried out in the net and the transparent walls around the rebound in reverse, dropped the ball in the air if flying out of boundary start timing for points on the ground, drop out ground to calculate out the enemy center after scoring the ball back to the enemy's site.

At present, the ability of AI to catch the ball is relatively poor, depending on the level of the player. In fact, this thing can also train the reaction ability of a single hand weapon. It is not easy to judge the parabola falling right in the cut, and then walk back and forth.

Reserve a weapon slot so that the player can get the same racket as everyone else.

play tennis

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