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How the Game is affected in Victoria II, and the Bugs.

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The mod, as said in the mod summary, is based off HPM:

In further news, this mod gives France a more "Bonaparte" looking flag, seen in the thumbnail. It also gives France her "natural borders", and the ruling party is Bonapartisté. I also removed all of Prussia's (but not Germany or the releasable Rhineland) cores, so you wont have the Prussians out for blood immediately. I also ripped out the French Revolution and 2nd empire events, as in this timeline it would make no sense. I also removed the Springtime of Nations, and Age of Liberalism event chains for France, as they are still riding off the ideals of the French Revolution. Plus, I removed the event about Napoleon III rambling in Switzerland, as it made no sense in the timeline. The only issues I have seen in my testing so far is some random French troops in the Netherlands, and I don't know why. Also, Prussian units start in the Rhine. This is my first mod, so Idk how to fix that yet. Anyway, have fun with my mod! Vive l'Empereur!

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