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Too keep you interest and to say the mod is in development i will give you a list of achievements.

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It's been a long time,right?I was busy with something and the development of the mod is going realy slowy,but it's still alive,i will not update for some and because of this i will give to all of you a list of future achievements(if i can add it).

Introduction-Survive Chapter 1
Thinking-Complete Chapter 2
How are you doing?-Meet the scientists
Let's go-Complete Chapter 3
If we are going to escape...-Complete Chapter 4
No way-Reunite with GLaDOS
Boss Fight-Complete Chapter 5
Cold town-Complete Chapter 6
The facts-Complete Chapter 7
That guy looks like a rat-Complete Chapter 8
It's gonna blow up-Complete Chapter 9
Still a subject-Finish the mod
Hardware Conflict-Secret
Say hello-Find the secret place on Chapter 2
Smile-Find the secret place on Chapter 4
There will be cake-Secret
Two times is better than one-Finish the mod 2 times
Immortal-Finish the mod without dying.
Robots-Complete the Chapter 1 of co-op.
What a nice place-Complete Chapter 2 of co-op
We are not alone-Complete Chapter 3 of co-op
Story changes-Change the story
Now we are dead-Complete Chapter 4 of co-op
There is a impossible chamber here-Complete Chapter 5 of co-op
A cooperative ending-Complete Chapter 6 of co-op
Until the dead-Complete Co-Op with a friend.
Double time-Finish Co-Op 2 times.
Immortals-Complete a co-op chamber without you or your partner dying.
Cheaters-Complete the entiry co-op without you or your partner dying.
How i missed that?-Find the ratman in co-op
King of portals-Solve all single-player chambers with the minimum possible portals.
King of 4 portals-Solve all co-op chambers with the minimum possible portals.
I do not cheat-Get the 2 achievements of minimum possible portals.
I was there-Find the secret chamber of co-op
Super Mario Portal-Jump 100 times
Still funcioning-Shoot a total of 100 portals
Two best friends-Kill you partner in co-op
Hugs-Hug you partner 10 times in one chamber
Press the button-Be the one who will press it.
Cube saver-Never lose a cube in a co-op chamber.
Cube Master-Never lose a cube in entire co-op.
Easter Egg-Secret
Begginer-Complete one Advanced Chamber.
Advanced-Complete all Advanced Chambers
Recordist-Put a record in a chamber
Ultimate Recordist-Get a record in all record chambers
Gold Recordist-Do the best time in all record chambers
Only steps-Complete a chamber with minimum steps.
Minimum steps master-Complete all chambers with minimum steps.
Steps and portals-Sucessefly complete a chamber with minimum steps and portals.
NoClip-Sucessefly complete all chambers with minimum steps and portals.
Extra time-Complete all extra chambers
Chell Little Secret-???
Alternate Ending-Do the alternate ending.
You monster-Finish the mod without trying to save ratman.
The First Subject-Complete the future "The Portal Creation" Expansion
Not the original,but better-Complete the future "Portal REmade" Expansion
Game Over-Get all the achievements

I Hope this get you interessed.

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