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Aces Vs Aliens: Now avalable to download on the App Store!! Totally free! No in-app purchases and there never will be! Take your state of the art jet fighter into the big blue and bring an alien invasion to its knees in this next-generation top down air combat shooter!

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Aces Vs Aliens: Now available to download on the App Store as well as on Google Play

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Take your state of the art jet fighter into the big blue and bring an alien invasion to its knees in this next-generation top down/isometric air combat shooter! Loop, dive and barrel role between allies and aliens alike, dodge and weave between obstacles and enemy fire in high speed low altitude chases! Add to your air force by taking on wingmen and launch devastating air-to-air and air-to-ground missile attacks against huge alien enemies.

You scramble your jet, knowing the odds are against you, but you have to push back the alien swarm. Those large transports are carrying civilian evacuees, you must protect them, you bank to the left . . . an alien air mine, you let off a burst of cannon fire and dive under the mine as it explodes, you barrel roll and let off a missile. It takes out an Alien AirTank’s auto-turret. Behind you, an alien jet swoops in, you loop to get behind it and bring up your Air-to-Air targeting system. Bang! And he gets a heat seeking missile up the rear. No time to rest, an alien rocket whizzes past your cockpit; ‘that came from the ground’, you release a bomb and take it out. Four more rockets locked on to you, you barely escape by rolling and diving out of the way. Bringing up your Air-to-ground targeting system you paint them and release laser guided bombs, no need to worry about them anymore. They’re toast!

Time to get low and fast, you and your wingman (a Eurofighter Typhoon) whizz along the coast almost scraping the ground, you barely register the rocks and obstacles as you duck and roll between them. There is no time to think, you only have your Ace’s instinct. You get the drop on an alien armada and rescue a strange looking fighter in distress, an alien with mysterious powers. Now you are three and during your assault on the alien’s arctic base you uncover a portal that teleports you deep behind enemy lines where you witness the true size of the invasion fleet as it orbits the earth. But this isn’t the end, your new wingman can sustain you even in depths of space . . . Never has the Royal Air Force’s motto been so resonant; ‘Per Ardua Ad Astra’ (Through adversity to the stars)!

A 100% free game (no IAP ever) available to download now on Google Play, 7 exciting levels, 3 levels of difficulty, 4 control methods (tilt and virtual joystick).

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