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We are accepting map submissions for those who think they have a map worthy of submitting. Read More for details...

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Custom Map Submissions

Not even all the team members here at AiCreation know when you will walk through your last chamber door. That's because we are not done yet! Which is good and bad at the same time. In the downside, you dont get to play Back-Stock, however on the upside, the fact that we havent released it yet means we are still adding to the list of chambers. This... is where you come in, IF you think you've got a chamber/level/puzzle or more that is worthy of public release, send it in! Read details below.
What we are accepting:

  • Single and Coop maps
  • Well developed puzzles
  • Quality mapping

That isn't so bad is it?

What you do...

Okay, if you are going to submit your map, here is what you need to submit and how...
  • Copy your .bsp file into a folder, if your map has custom content (ie. sounds, textures, models) then follow this guide to lean how to package a vpk and use that instead of your .bsp
  • Also include the .vmf and anything that would be needed to run the map (ie. custom instances)
  • A readme file, in the readme include the following:
    • Map name(if you have one)
    • A theme (Old/New/Mix/Portal 1)
    • Difficulty (Easy/Medium/Hard)
    • Author's Name(s) + User Names(optional)
    • Any credits/references for custom content used
  • Now zip the folder into a .zip (right click on folder, click "Send to", and choose "Compressed(zipped)Folder")
  • Email that .zip to, please paste the content of your readme into the email, and in the subject of the email, put "Portal 2 Map submission"
  • AND submit!... you should receive a confirmation email, if not wait an hour and resend email, if you do not get confirmation again, wait 1 day and send again.
  • If you send the email, then later remember things you should have included you can either send the full emaili again with the changes, and specify in the subject that this is a correction email, or just email the corrections.

By submitting content to AiCreation, you are hereby giving us the right to modify and publish the content, AiCreation does not "owe" you anything except to mention your name(username) in the credits.

We cant wait to see what you guys come up with!

If you have any questions you can also email for your questions.

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