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This article have an important advice about the next version (v3). If you want to read it, go check the description... Thanks for your attention!

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Yes, I know. Is too earlier for say this, but it's important!

The WW2-Weapon Pack is my first mod as you saw in the last article (if you have read it), and for obviously reasons the sprites looks bad and the codes seems like to be easy (only if you know about coding on Slade 3). The first version had some errors and I fixed them on the second version, but the sprites doesn't seems to looks like a good weapons mod, and that's why I want to tell you what im gonna try to make it better on the next version, (third version).

Important Things for Do in the Third Version:

  • All sprites (including pickup sprites) will restart and do again.
  • The "Hitler's Secret Weapon" will be removed and the MG42 will replace it slot.
  • Upgrade the Alt-Fire zoom weapons.
  • Upgrade the GLDefinitions.
  • Add better sounds to the weapons.
  • Try to fix an error when player dies but he do the deselect animation while he falls down.
  • Make most of the weapons can reload.

The WW2-WeaponPack v3 will going to have more new things, but these alredy mentioned things are very important to imply to the users a difference between this new version and older versions, that's what im telling you that.

A Different Version?

Another thing I wanted to warn is that I'm planning on making a version (different from the third) where all the weapons get extracted from different designers (like the ones we see in Realm667) and add their weapons together in a single file (giving respective credits, obviously) . But I'm not sure to do it since there may be problems with copyright or something like that.


Keep going! Always beginnings are difficult! But later, everything goes much smoothe. Just keep tryin

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