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In this article I will explain what to expect from the submod and how to install it and such.

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Greetings! I am R3AP3R from the Divide and Conquer discord server. This submod makes some new model, texture changes to the factions listed below. But first installation...


1. Make sure you have a fresh, unmodded version of DaC V3
2. After you download the submod extract it to your DaC folder(or whatever you named it but its if not changed Third_Age_3)
3. Replace all the files when it asks
4. After that use the tool comes with the submod that called SoundExtractor it will extract all the sound files in the game
5. When sound extraction finished put the sounds folder in data and replace the existing one and again use the SoundExtractor and extract them again(DO NOT TRY TO BE SMART ASS AND PUT SOUND FOLDER IN DATA BEFORE!!!)
6. Open the game and play the submod



*All Loke-Rim units got new models and textures
*2 new units added: Loke-Shah Rim and Loke-Skaar Rim(two handed sword infantry and melee cavalry)
*NewScript for Rhun(Play it and see it yourself lol)
*All Rhun units got new voice set
*New UI for all changed units


*Haradrim and Southron units got a new model
*New Southron unit added: Southron Swordsmen
*Serpent archers unit replaced with Southron raiders and now available before BE
*Hasharii Archers now have poison arrows
*New UI for all changed units
*Harad BG now have unique voice set


*All Belegaer and Abrazanim units got a new model
*Ar-Pharazon's Faithfull now uses Naru'n Aru unit model
*Adunaim Armsmen got a new model
*Corsair Elites got a new model
*All corsair units got new textures
*Belegaer crossbowmen changed to archers
*Belegaer halberdiers changed to pikemen
*New UI for all changed units


*All Khand infantry and archers and BG got new voice set


*When DaC v4 comes out I will start working on the submod again and make it compatible with v4 first.
*Overhauled Khand with v4.
*Chnages and improvements to the existing ones.


*Big thanks to DaC for making this submod even possible.
*Big thanks to Reforged mod for their models.
*Thanks to Reforged and especially Cowering Coma for letting me use his models.
*Thanks to Callistonian for making the unit cards for Rhun cavalry.
*Thanks to my balance testers for making the mod more balanced and bug free(Matt12304 and Iceman1946).
*Thanks to Commander Sol for writing the Rhun script.
*And special thanks to Cowering Coma,Jmonster,Callistonian,Taurion,Hummingbird for their helps in the process of my learning how to do things.

***If you are going to use my work for your own use go crazy and do whatever you want, but if its for public ask for permissions to use those please***


Looking cool! keep doing such awesome work my friend :)

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Balrog_of_Morgoth Author

Thanks :)

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