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Will the story be revamped several times if not more?

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As a matter of fact yes we are looking at a lot revamping in the story it might even completely change several times before we actually get a final version ready and once we get a final version of the story ready we will begin creating campaign maps and cinematic videos.

Will there be cinematic videos before a mission starts? Yes just like the regular Command & Conquer games there will be.

Is Kane the leader of The Brother Hood Of Nod in this trilogy? Yes he is as a matter of fact hes always been the leader of The Brother Hood Of Nod.

So obviously this mod takes place way before the events of the Tiberium Comment crashing on earth what will be the resources for us to harvest to get money? Ore it will be using Ore as its main supply for money.

How many factions will be in game? Well Soviets, The Brother Hood Of Nod, Black Ops 9, African Imperial Alliance.

Will there be an expansion for this mod in the future? Well there might be but it'll take place in the same war that also means if there is an expansion then that means in the campaign you don't go from the beginning to all the way to the end of the war.

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