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A breif look into the narrative and story elements for Under The Rain.

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The story of Under The Rain is heavily inspired by the tales of H. P. Lovecraft, using the city of Arkham as the game’s main location.
Throughout the adventure, the player will explore the majority of the city, unraveling the mysteries that the city hides in an attempt to find out more about himself.

The main character

You play as Samuel Carter, a 21 year old man working in a shopping mall electronics store who has no memories prior to the last 3 years, when he was found in the side of a road, wounded and half-naked.

For some time now, Sam has a recurring nightmare that seems to intensify as time passes by. Lately, these nightmares start to manifest as illusions, somehow seeming to call Sam to Arkham.

Intrigued and determined to investigate his connection to the city and his past, Sam leaves to Arkham…

The town

The city of Arkham is deserted, abandoned 3 years ago when a strange accident claimed many of the city’s lives, forcing the survivors to evacuate and never return.

The city will be adapted from the sketches and descriptions of H. P. Lovecraft, but in a more modern setting. The environment of the city will be very similar to Silent Hill, very dark, foggy and rainy. It’s my hope to give the player a lot to explore, allowing him to enter nearly every building. Some of the sets will be adapted straight from Lovecraft’s stories, and to create a sense of linearity, in the main areas of the game there will be clues to guide the player to the next area he should visit in order to proceed with the main story line.
Scattered around various locations will be the typical documents that will present the lore of the game, many of it, once again, adapted from Lovecraft’s tales, and some of it original (the main story).

The story will carry some very personal and deep tones, with the intention to reach into players hearts (and minds), some of them reflecting common experiences, and some of them very personal and intimate.

I hope that in the end, if this project can be released, the player will have a satisfactory and cathartic experience.

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