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First description about the mod. Written oct 31. 2022.

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Are you deaf? I said number XIII is still alive!

Thanks to various uploads on “hiddenpalace” (really, thanks guys) a lot “separated” staticmeshes (plus unused or cut) are available (only Xbox copies) What do I mean? You see, original retail game use a group of a lot static meshes in their maps who can't be used as “single” (Example, the following image after this message) Plus others created by me and from other videogames.

crane comparation

example of how both meshes (who are single) can be seen pretty good in this map


The artificial intelligence of this game is kind of dumb (with the exception of the multiplayer bots who are pretty good) I've did a lot of A.I testing and it'll be difficult (to me) to make it competent. Plus I'd like to modify the well known bosses with a more memorable fight and less dumb (The game make em “TIAS” or “Turn Into Aggresive Soldier” so it (boss) Will follow a path and shoot (Macall for example)

How does your regular boss fight works


When could I play it?

Not yet, I'm planning to finish at least two levels, who can give fun to the player. The next list are the maps I've been working on

  • Banque01 (60%)
  • Hual04a (10%)
  • Amos01 (less tan 5%)

I'm planning to upload few maps for testing (by players), plus, comments about it

And remember, your number is up!

Note: To play this mod (when it is available) you must follow steps to install it (like unreal editor configurations and XIII+ install thanks to Locke)


Locke, opaquit and many others for scripting (I don't know how to)

Hiddenpalace for the staticmeshes and textures from old copies of XIII (xbox)

Darklightgames (Github) for PSK/PSA/ASI addons for blender

PaladinKnight - - 217 comments

Mate, if you want to improve the AI then you must learn from the best, and its F.E.A.R, "goal action oriented planning" is the way to go, unless the game engine won't let you imitate it :-\

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domjam - - 68 comments

F.E.A.R Ai is ******* king.. everything els these days is trash

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Uzublecker Author
Uzublecker - - 24 comments

very very difficult, even when I did a lot of "strategic points" and "attack points" to make a dinamic battleground, dummies pawns will keep shooting standing to their death :( It needs a scripting patch or something but Locke, the guy who knows how to code in Unreal isn't around at the moment

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Uzublecker Author
Uzublecker - - 24 comments

Project is on hiatus since NinjaRipper 2 token thing svckass, got my token and paid program saved in a hard drive and now I can't use em :/

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