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A brief introduction on what the main goals for this mod are.

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This mod is just me fiddling with The Rise of The Witch-king how I like. My current aim is to further diversify the factions in ROTWK and bring a better experience to the player.
This mod is based on patch 2.01 but I will try to fix important game bugs that the 2.02 community have dealt with already and include Widescreen UI and maps if I can.

So far my progress is:
Current units have been reskinned:
- Rohan Spearmen ( Now Rohan Pikemen)
- Mordor Easterlings (Now Easterling Pikemen)
Units added:
- Mordor Easterling Swordsmen (Same stats as the Angmar Dark Dunedain)
- Gondor Pikemen ( Slightly higher stats than the Rohan Pikemen and have a different Formation)
- Thranduil has been reworked to be a melee type Hero.

Heorl_256 - - 1,103 comments

Looking forward to play:)

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evlara - - 76 comments

This mod could become a great one. It's so awesome to see that this old game is still getting some love!

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