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Gain ownership over the Ultra-Luxe Penthouse after completing Beyond the Beef.

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This mod grants you ownership over the Ultra-Luxe Penthouse once you either complete or fail Beyond the Beef. The cell will become owned by the PlayerFaction. The blood stains, and Heck Gunderson guards will be disabled, and the key will be enabled upon completion of the quest. This is to prevent the quest from breaking if you choose to frame Heck Gunderson. The key can be found at Mortimer's desk.

The mod also includes optional crafting stations that can be enabled in the mod's ini file.

You can also set a custom name for the penthouse in the included ini file.

Download and install with your favorite mod manager. Or extract the esm and place it into the data folder.

This mod can be safely installed mid-game. If you have already completed the quest then the changes will apply retroactively. However you should not remove this mod after completing Beyond the Beef as the changes made by the mod cannot be undone.

Compatibility and Conflicts:
This mod is purely scripted. It should be compatible with just about everything except any mod that alters the objects or ownership of the Penthouse.


Recommended Mods:

Lightweight Strip Overhaul - Cleans up the casinos, including the penthouse.
Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - Lots and lots of bug fixes.

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