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the demo has currently been delayed to next month or until it is deemed finished.

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the demo has currently been delayed to next month or until it is deemed finished. The main reason is that one of the levels has been lost due to an epic cluster fuck by the level editor by that i mean The map was corrupted for no apparent reason. I Finished working on a specific area then i saved the map, the laptop i use started acting up then closed all the programs then restarted it. Once it was restarted i went to test the map and it gave a "COULD NOT LOAD WORLD FILE "Demo Chap1 (CENSORED)" error.
I Checked the map in the editor and the map was empty... it fucked up.

This is a serious problem with the editor, this needs to be fixed soon before the amfp update for the editor is released.

December will probably be the release of the beta demo.

fiuuuuuuh - - 1,139 comments

That's ******* stupid. Hopefully you'll get it fixed eventually.

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BlasterLizardCo - - 614 comments

No problem man... With that more time, you can built a better level >.<

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Psykljudet Author
Psykljudet - - 565 comments

Exactly, its a minor setback and i know other people who had this issue before.

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KiraImmortal - - 1,052 comments

this caused me Endless Insomnia to delay with a half year.. so yeah i know what it feels :)at least only one map lost, i got 5..

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Landvaettr - - 74 comments

Dude I totally relate. I had started Peiraprigond two years ago actually but about 5 completed maps got corrupted and unreadable to the editor. Really ****** me off at the time. I posponed the project as I had worked for nothing and had other things to do...Glad I completed it later on though...

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umbakarna - - 580 comments

I dont know exactly what error did you get but something similar happened to me. When you add textures with odd resolution (for example 333x118), save the map and quit, than both the level editor and the actual game cannot read the map.
But that doesnt mean the map is lost. There are ways to recover the map having this problem.
1. Try to remove the entity (primitive, static object) that could cause the problem using some text editor in the map file
2. Browse custom textures and resize them to more suitable resolution (640x480 for example)

Hope it helps, if not, Im sorry.

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