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Newspost regarding the picture uploading, and some other stuff too.

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I just wanted to point out that you guys might want to go thru my pictures archive again, the reason? instead of uploading new versions of the units with textures, i replace the model concept pictures with the textured picture as i make them. So if you haven't noticed already i textured the LAV-25 and the FAV Humvee sometime ago, check it out.

Also, My birthday is coming up, tomorrow i'll add just about nothing new, at all... under the whole day. Will be busy. Saturday and Sunday i'm unaware of what i'm gonna do. Will probl'y move this Wednesday or so. Will take some time to set up a work stations, i'm not even sure that i will be able to set up a workspace fast enough, tho after i got the workspace done i will go thru the last of the big file and release the mod, as i said earlier.

Also im unsure if what faction to do next, i know that i will do russia after US, but after that i will make another western nation, i think i'll add either Canada or UK. not to sure tho.

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Take your time, i'm confident that this will be the best mod ever for C&C Generals: Zero Hour, keep it up.

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stormtroopera - - 446 comments

Happy B-Day !

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Wanga - - 231 comments

Happy B-Day mate! :D

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