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Hello everyone! Work continues! We are(I can say I'm.) triying to do our best! Here some new information.

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You have a long way if you want to do an original mod. Let's see where we are.

-New scenario is complex and long. Big scenario is handicap for early release versions. I worked very hard for a leg of scenario. New meshes, new scenes, new mission templates, new troops, new weapons etc. I want to present an original mod as I said. So we must wait more. :)

-I'm triying to add "Crafting System". It will be in mod 90 percent.

-There will be new skills more than 10.

-A new "Game in Game". This will be in mod 99 percent. But I don't know how effects(much or less or balanced).

-Poison arrows and fire arrows. Poison arrows are hard to coding. It looks finished but I'm not sure. Fire arrow is a different fire arrow than other mods that I think. Works correct but can be develop more.

-Other things. :) This is the one of the biggest part of our work. A lot of systematic changes and other details and suprises of course.

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