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Every bullet eases the pain.

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The year is 2016. Following a series of crippling terrorist attacks, America has been plunged into a state of national anarchy. From the chaos, a new power has risen. An organisation of self-proclaimed patriots from every walk of life, they have rewritten the very values which once defined their beloved nation, in order to save it from itself.

Welcome to their world – a world where laws are written at the barrel of the gun, and trades brokered in the currency of blood; where elections are won through bullets, and politics negotiated in the rhetoric of blades.

Welcome back to Miami.


America is at war. As an operator in one of its most clandestine echelons, your job is to enforce the new order – at any cost.

  • Blast, bludgeon, slash and stab your way through dozens of contracts using nearly a hundred different weapons, from the mundane to the spectacular.
  • Manipulate your environment to your advantage: lure enemies into improvised traps, turn the unassuming into the lethal.
  • Experiment with over twenty different playstyles, from sadistic mass murderer to silent assassin, each with tangible effects on the gameplay experience.
  • As you see greater and greater success, use your profits to stock up a formidable armoury, vastly widening your arsenal of combative capabilities.

Eliminate your targets using whatever means necessary – failure is not an option.


On the 28th of December 1991, America was annihilated. With the central leadership decapitated and the infrastructure crippled, the nation fell into ruin. After twenty-five years of brutal civil wars and power struggles, a new power wrested and clawed its way to the top: the remnants of a pre-war ultranationalist movement with a murky past calling itself Fifty Blessings, it has remoulded America in its image, and has ushered in a new era - an era of great change and innovation, but one of even greater conflict, instability and fear.

Midnight Animal is the story of John, a man haunted by the past. Once a distinguished operator in one of the most clandestine echelons of the new America, he stumbles upon a deep-seated conspiracy along the way, which shakes him to the core of his beliefs and forces him to turn against those he once faithfully served. Hunted by former friends and betrayed by the very agency which made him, John finds himself pulled further and further into the twisted and vicious underbelly of a new Miami, even as he desperately attempts to finally escape a dark and troubled past while staying afloat in a world balanced precariously on the verge of apocalypse.


Updating the blistering neon soundtrack of the original Hotline Miami series to the modern day, [i]Midnight Animal brings to the table a cast of over thirty different artists: some familiar and others new, all sharing a single distinct trait – an unmistakable dedication to their craft.

From thundering sonic blitzkriegs to somber, moody meditations, each track stands not only as an individual testament to its artist's commitment to quality; but together, weave a distinct and captivating soundscape, the auditory realisation of a future divided.

Pi0h1 - - 15 comments

I think you should be able of porting the game to OS X and Linux by using Enigma.

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spncryn Author
spncryn - - 16 comments

Just checked out Enigma and downloaded it, in terms of editing it seems to work fine but I can't seem to compile and run the game. I'm getting a Java OutOfMemory error, which is sensible since the gm81 (working in GameMaker 8.1) file is rather large and there are a large number of resources.

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