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Summary / Description of the LOTR: The Strategy Game.

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In LOTR: The Strategy Game is an strategy / RPG hex-based game, 4X oriented, with both single and multiplayer modes. In this game, we play one of the factions of the Tolkien's related book, and you try to achieve one of the multiple victory conditions using both strategy (cities, economy, armies, diplomacy...) and RPG (characters, orders, encounters, artifacts...) features.

The game is based on , and old but very funny turn-based strategy-game. In it, we have:

  1. 3 teams: Free Peoples, Dark Servants and Neutrals
  2. 25 possible factions (10 Free Peoples, 10 Dark Servants and 5 neutrals). This quantity can be changed, it´s still to decide.
  3. An hex-based map of the Middle Earth, with lots of positions already configured, as cities, roads, bridges, forts... and terrain. So, we can say, it´s more like a scenario than a MOD. Our game would preferably include both Scenario and Mod (starting with a city and some little army / characters) versions.
  4. Different kind of armies for different nations, based in basic ones: Horsemen, Infrantry, Siege, Archers, Men-at-Arms... (We could extend this with many new unit types)
  5. Characters: this is the feature I love the most. The game is going to be Strategy / RPG. Each turn, we have to control our economy, cities, armies (as in Civilization, for example), but also a set of characters to serve us. In Middle Earth Play By Email, they are: army / company / city commanders, agents / spies / sabotagers, mages, emmissaries or any combination of both. Each character types has its orders (create and army, influece the morale up or down, assassinate, rob, find artifacts ...)

At the beginning of each game, you get some RPG and Strategy Victory Conditions to accomplish. Of course, the most important is to find the ring and return to Sauron or destry it, but there are lots of ways to reach a seconday victory, as: destroy / conquer some percentage of some enemy nations, accumulate a quantity of magic artifacts, conquer some historic places that belonged to you in the past, kill some enemy's characters, improve your economy, and so on.

At this moment what I have is some logic and data, and a prototype (you can see the images here attached). I would like to find a group of developpers to start the project, who are interesed in Lord of the Rings and in Strategy / RPG games.

If you have any question, send me a message to

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