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King in the North

Tzar + Game of Thrones: King in the North is my first “mod” ever (“map”, “addon”, whatever).
It was born as a level design exercise. Have mercy on me! XD

I love Tzar: The Burden of the Crown, its simple structure, its retro flavor.
I think its early medieval assets make it the best fit for this project.
I made the map using just the official editor that comes with the game.
I've been working solo on it, for months. It took longer than what I want to remember.

The “narrative” element is embedded through buildings’ and characters’ names.
You can recognize Heroes by their units’ unique appearance.
Certain things happen only if you do certain things.
I tried to be the most lore-friendly that I could, given the tools I had.
Sometimes you'll have to use your imagination.

Please report any issue and feel free to drop comments, critics, ideas, etc.
I’ll do my best to keep up with your expectations.
I hope you’ll feel and appreciate the attention to detail,
the extreme care in level design and the love I put in this project.
If you like it, I'll consider designing and sharing other similar maps
featuring different scenarios and historical periods.


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