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Just Another Day is a series of funny and silly little adventures for FreeSpace 2 Open that I hope you'll enjoy.

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Just Another Day is a series of funny and silly little adventures for FreeSpace 2 Open that I hope you'll enjoy.

There's 2 main series of JAD. The completed original trilogy and the in progress JAD2.2 trilogy.

The original trilogy, Just Another Day, Just Another Day 2, and Just Another Day 3, star the Hero Of The Universe Alpha 1 as he saves the universe from a cranky and evil god manifested from the game's mission editor, FRED. Sounds like a weird premise? Don't worry, it only gets weirder from there. It's like FreeSpace meets Monty Python or FreeSpace meets Spaceballs. They are some of my first campaigns, but I think they've held up pretty well.

The new trilogy, Just Another Day 2.21, 2.22 and 2.23 just goes off the rails and never stops. First off, everything suddenly becomes heavily stolen inspired by anime, with an emphasis on Neon Genesis Evangelion, though just about anything and everything gets homaged and referenced.

After vanquishing FRED for a second time in JAD2, aforementioned Hero Of The Universe Alpha 1 himself disappears. Now without any heroes or gods to contain this crazy universe, FRED's demigod slaves, the Beta Testers, want FRED's power for themselves. All that stands before them are a bunch of overconfident teenagers with massively overpowered spaceships.

You've got Holley, the loud-mouthed smart-aleck girl; Delta 1, the pilot extraordinaire with a glass ego; and Epsilon 1, the... some guy. Those three somehow find a way to stop bickering with each other long enough to save the universe.

All rules are thrown out the window, and we're having a blast doing it. A radically transformed mission structure lets you enjoy a beautifully illustrated visual-novel type story to set up the insane and bizarre space sim gameplay. You'll hardly believe some of the things you'll be asked to do! From defeating a multitude of bosses with specific weak points, to buying 10,000 credits worth of tacos, to going on dates with suddenly appearing girls, to eventually exposing conspiracies and finding true power of friendship, determination, and love.

Even if you're not a fan of anime, I still think you would have fun with JAD2.2. It's just the sort of thing to brighten anyone's day. You don't need to have watched a bunch of anime to get the jokes (but it certainly helps).

For a pain-free install please see this forum thread!

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