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Some information about Stalker models and GSG. It's all about CopyRight.

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This addressed to lover of unfounded charges.

Please, don't tale about copyright, if you don't know all. All models of Stalker available in open access. GCG official confirm this. Out team didn't received official permission, but it is not required for work with models or textures.

Very sad see here charges of theft if they are unfounded. We're not going to use mod for commercial purposes or something else. All Authors will be in the credits and we thank them for their work.

All in our team did this just because we love this game's. Finally, we are all modding for fun. If you hold a different point of view, tell me in comments.

P.S. Do not bother about it, allot of people in recent times just mad on copyright.

P.S.S. I still love you all guys, whatever happens with us ^_^

The_zxeno_prophet - - 327 comments

Stalker stuff is ok no problem here, Metro 2033 content however isn't

Free or not, commercial or not, releasing content that isn't yours, and original auhors not receiving money for their hard work, is a big problem.

GCG are ok with that, fine it's their problem, however people at 4A Games, deserve to be paid for their work, and nothing gives you right to say they don't

Woudn't be much of a big problem it was a couple model there and there, like a couple of probs, but most of the sutff you are showing ingame, seems to be ported

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