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In this article I will talk about improvments, things that will be in beta version and things that we propose to do for the beta.

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Firstly, thanks for all the kind words said about The Volcano MOD. I appreciate that you played and liked this and this makes me to continue with this game. :D

Things we've done so far from alpha version:

  • The big change is the engine. Alpha version (for those who have played it) was made in engine of AM:Rebirth, coded by SysOp and Foxtrop. Now we work on XashXT.
  • First introductive map from the alpha (hlgk00.bsp) was cuted and replaced with another 2 cutscene maps, where is presented a small part of the storyline;
  • Major changes in all maps from the alpha version, improved arhitecture and functionality;
  • Major changes at "Test chamber" too: architecture, functionality and FX improved;
  • Beta version is "Part I" from the game (Groot-Kelder) wich will contain appx. 18 maps on 5 chapters.
  • So far I managed to implement portable Medkit from Alpha version, and a few minor changes in source codes;
  • Another sounds and models for weapons;
  • Another specific NPCs, the Paranoia and CSCZ were removed.

Things that we propose to make them further:

  • Firstly to finish structure of the rest of maps;
  • Realistic explosions effects like in Alpha version: screen shake + frag gibs + particle smoke and fire;
  • Realistic player movement and fighting, like in alpha version (without that slow crunch);
  • Weapon drop system;
  • To have a flashlight just when you pick up them, isn't incorporated in suit, because here you'll have a work jacket not a HEV suit;
  • Use display hud button. When you approach a button will display on the player's screen a HUD which will indicate to the player that is near to a button;
  • func_collision and realistic collision sounds+specific decals when you shooting in metals, in woods or in another materials like that, like in engine from alpha version (rebirth).

Some improvment screenshoots:

"There's always room for improvement" - this is one of my favorite quotes. - Our official website


Nice! Nice! Nice!

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Awesome progress, I look forward to playing the first release :)

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Good to see such positive news.

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