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Abo Khashem is finally available on all its three platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.

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Abo Khashem is a comedic role-playing game. You awake in the City of Torrid with amnesia and try to piece together what happened to you. With the help of Shukman, your trusty lizard companion, you must uncover a conspiracy involving a powerful organization. Along the way, you will gain influence, customize your fighting style, collect gear and outfits, purchase properties, manage and hire staff, decorate your homes, and much more!

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In addition to the main storyline of stopping an evil monolith from taking over the city, there are plenty of activities to hone your skills with. You’ll explore dangerous tunnels with your lizard pal, complete various requests from characters you’ll meet along the way, visit hostile feline-inhabited worlds, compete against the best racers in the city, all while building up and expanding your own business empire. You’ll also rescue some cats from a terrible fate!

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Key Features

- Comedic multi-genre single player RPG

- Open world

- Handcrafted intricate dungeons

- Interactive characters with lively dialogues

- Fun playable companion

- Custom combo builder

- Talent tree system

- Leveling up / stat progression

- Unique boss fights

- Business simulator

- Interior designer

- Thrilling mini-game

- Multiple collectables

- Side quests

- A humorous NPC phone texting system

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Abo Khashem is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam!

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