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You're a Gorgos, the only specy on the universe, able to see the energy X. A mysterious energy used in guns and rockets by your kind.During a flight over the Earth, you crashed your saucer. You're the only survivor and you've been abducted by the human. They trapped you in a tiny room and began to study your abilities to see energy X. they don't know how gifted Gorgos are. Escape the human secret military base and join yours.

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In this Doom TC mod, be a Gorgos, the only specy in the universe to be able to see and use the energy X, a mysterious energy with multiple capacities : weapons reloading, rocket fueling, body enforcement ...

During a flight on Earth, you crashed your saucer. As the only survivor, you've been abducted by humans and emprisoned in a secret hidden military base. They want to study you and you abilities to see energy X.

Escape from this base, kill humans and destroy as many things as possible to gather energy X. Try to contact your brothers and join them to go home.

Screenshot Doom 20210919 181947

Screenshot Doom 20210919 181955

Screenshot Doom 20210919 182202

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