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Abandon stitching, mount and blade Warcraft III remake mod development log planning chapter

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Prepare to abandon the original theme stitched version (, focus on developing the Warcraft III mod of Mount and Blade, except for the previous Warcraft III In addition to the hegemony-style rts control operations and actions, the shielded warband element function will be reopened as an alternative option in the future. I now know that what most players are used to and need is not a cavalry and slashing like war3, but It is a proper extension of the war3 of the battle group framework (of course, it may be the overlord war3 now, which will not be discussed this year). I will combine what I want to do with what ordinary players are used to, whether it is radish, greens or braised pork, there are options for each. Some development content video synchronization station b ( and moddb ( -alert)
The overall plan will be implemented as follows:
Suspend the original update mode of uploading the development content as casual as Cut 2 at any time, even if it is a small update, and the pure version of Warcraft should be released in one step as the final version.
1. From character selection and action settings
The original game action of Warcraft is still only used for players like the stitched version, and ordinary units except for the dragon chariot type still adopt the war group action mechanism.
In order to control the memory loading of the game and reduce the jumping out, the number of heroes that the player can control is still limited, and the rest are still in the form of replaceable character packs of the pre-stitched version (perhaps a compressed pack of unlocking new characters according to conditions), and then do different plots for different characters.
According to the loading capacity limit of the riding and cutting engine, the characters that are intended to be pre-installed by the player to control provide the control of one hero and one common unit per race (that is, the original stitched culture classification of Half-Life, League of Legends, Dota, and Warcraft). Changed to the cultural classification of the four races of Warcraft), so that the configuration of loading and replacing additional characters is more balanced, and then players can be both heroes and small arms of Warcraft.
2. Skill settings and battle interface settings
The battle interface still maintains the main interface configuration of the stitched version (except for custom maps

For example, the Minecraft map gameplay included in this video will have other combat interface system matching styles)
However, according to the problem that some players say that the interface occlusion seriously affects the field of vision, we can provide a simplified on/off interface. For example, I can shadow the small map below and the background interface of the vertical and horizontal screen widths, and the corresponding icons are reduced to one side, etc. processing.
The character skills controlled by the player are still based on the current settings, that is, the third-person qser real-time strategy qwer or the mouse point interface, but a switch of the action mechanism of the battle group will be provided on the RTS interface, that is, to restore the hack and slash fighting method of riding and cutting, which is not mandatory In the stitched version, you can only use Warcraft-like strikes.
The plan is for the same player-controlled character to have two skill sets, one from Warcraft and one from the Dota series. To pave the way for the battle map of dota (but the stitched version has Summoner's Rift, think about it or not).
The item skill setting remains unchanged, or the eight icons in the lower right corner correspond to the player's own equipment. Press the numbers 1-8 on the keypad or click the mouse under real-time strategy to use it. However, it may be considered to remake the equipment system and support the new interface backpack, because it is unrealistic and unusable to make physical models of Warcraft's equipment, and the picture of equipment of Warcraft occupies a lot of equipment.

As for minions and buildings, first of all, you may not know what this interface is. It doesn't look like Warcraft. In fact, this is the ancient interface of Dota2, and the style is similar. Originally, the 5 boxes above are the avatars of both sides in the Dota battle mode 5v5, which corresponds to Warcraft. Planning these grids may move my original Red Alert building system up, or it may be a real-time strategy mouse box to select units and place avatars by type of troops. Of course, you can also consider selecting the avatar and skill bar at the bottom like Warcraft, and displaying the player units that are not directly controlled by the player, so that the player can help the minion to release skills, and by the way, you can use the top ten grids as tactics. Skills (what if the keyboard keys are not enough, but fortunately I can click the skills with the mouse in rts mode) This workload will be larger, but it is better to wait for all the models to be installed in the game and make overall planning. From the current experience, the function In the front, the arms and materials are added slowly one by one, which is easy to be confused. Unless you plan ahead and reserve space by category, the code behind will be messy.
The minimap seems useless at present, mainly after the Warcraft buildings are all configured to the mod, and then project the top view onto the minimap. At present, in the stitched version, you can only judge your own position and direction within the scene boundaries according to the position of the G fat avatar. .

3. As for the big map,
I think things such as the internal affairs of the big map are boring, and it takes a long time to do it seriously, and Warcraft itself is mainly fighting. The big map is only the medium of the plot or the medium of rewards and the transfer of different maps, so consider the RPG plot first, and the sandbox is large. The map leaves the warband mode to fight casually.
4. As for other game elements of the previous stitched version: because it is a pity to give up some things, my plan is to leave a red alert (leave the half-life cs gun control mode to this script) and League of Legends as a replaceable skin for Warcraft, leave Extra scenario options for the start of Warband-only mode.
Then the Transformers series, because my Transformers model animation is relatively small, so it is not a big burden on the system. It is very reluctant to give up from the main script. I plan to put it in the test options and keep it for each script.

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