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It's been a whole year since I've last updated the WAD. Here are some things to expect from the final release.

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It's been over a year since I've posted anything related to this WAD, wow.

I'm not gonna lie, I haven't made a lot of progress since, as I've had ideas for various mod projects which too are unfinished, some not even Doom related.

I plan to finish NGNG, as the only thing that's keeping me from releasing the WAD right now is the MAP12. It'll be worth the wait, as about 60% of the MAP12 is done and it takes about 20 minutes to finish the first half of the map. It'll be the best Doom map that I've ever created.

Here's some features that you can expect from NGNG's final release:

  • Full singleplayer, cooperative and deathmatch support
    - As linear some maps in this mappack are, they surprisingly work well in deathmatch.
  • Full modding support
    - I will not include any new DECORATE entities in this WAD, so that you can play it with any mods you'd like. I've been receiving critiques of the WAD being too easy, or even too hard, and I think that mods can sort this out better than I will.
  • New textures
    - I've "borrowed" Half-Life textures and implemented them into the WAD. While I try to make my maps play good, I also try my best in making them look pretty, and Half-Life textures were all I could've ever asked for.
  • Interactable environments
    - Players will be able to crawl into vents, destroy ventilation shafts, destroy vending machines to get small health potions and jump over railings. Gone are the days of impassable tagged fences as ZDoom blessed us with the jump-over railings feature.
  • An hour-or-two long mappack
    - It'll take players at least an hour to complete this mappack, regardless of how good they are at Doom. I think it'll make up for the fact that I won't map up an entire megawad.
  • New soundtrack
    - While MIDIs are nice and all, the real deal are actual songs. Unless you dislike black and thrash metal, you'll enjoy what I've picked out.

I really hate how long I've delayed the release, yet it's closer than ever. If anyone wants to lend a hand, feel free to do so, just PM me and we can talk it out.

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