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A lot of stuff can happen on a week in a indie project. TypeQuest is getting off the ground quickly, the team is growing, and a lot of code is falling into place.

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The teams has been expanded to 6 people. 2 writer- & game designers, 2 artists, a sound designer, and of course me, the developer / designer / pixelpusher.

Both art, sound, lore and code is taking form. I'll try to outline some of the new implementations in the engine here:


We are working on creating all the items for the game in one big batch. This includes description / item definition files, which can be loaded into the game dynamically. In the screenshots above you will see some of the new art

New base character:

New monster, Slime:


Item commands
Get item commands from Item xml
Check if item is equipped, and has typed command
Check item commands per weapon

Chicken. Lickable.

Set up combat attacks. Action * multiplier * base DMG for weapon.
Ranged, “Shoot” Arrows / magic
Show current target in top left corner
Target toggle all enemies, within range, else target other enemies
Enemy indicators for what kind of attack they are performing (physical, magic, ranged > so the player can perform an action response)

Load properties from tmx (get byID method)
Fix run speed on follow path
Implement slime (small)

Dialogue window
Show press ENTER / space
Show pres ESC

Attack / type (
Complete words. If you type Att, indicate that it is possible to type Attack. Att(ack).
Put another textfield where the input field is, behind. Check for substrings in loop.

Turn on lights / torches

Text engine
Font embed (SWF)
Line height
Text outines

Text floaty text
Line height
Text outines

EPIC Settings
Effect volume
Sound volume

Enemy panel, detail panel for enemies, when you type look telling you the attack types, damage, weaknesses and such

Music, check if enabled
Sound Effects, check if enabled

Move Settings to Settings class
Move Combat to Combat class (
Move Player to Player class
Move Inventory to Inventory class
Move TypeActions to TypeActions class
Move LevelTracking to LevelTracking class
Move UserTracking to UserTracking class
Move Effects to Effects class*

Prevent ESC in fullscreen, AIR
Pressing ESC should bring up the main menu

Attacks / defence is based on a combo system. The player can either decide to block an incoming attack, or attack himself. Melee can only be blocked by a shield, and magic can only be blocked by magic. If you have two enemies, one magic user, and another melee based - you will have to decide what to attack or block (with the specific blocker texts), as well as on which target.

Some enemies will be immune to one kind attack, and weak to others
Enemy attack display (Mouse is using ATTACK)

Compare performance on keys in constructor code
Fix double variable names, annoying

Fullscreen / sizing / performance

Hardware acceleration
Use hardware acceleration

Update interface on screen resolution change

Level up
✔ Combos
✔ Attack

Pausegame variable
Show view with autoupdate
Equip items
Select items
Show stats
Show actions
Use items
User panel (DMG, LIFE, DEF, GOLD)
Item panel, show attack range

Action Type-Panel
Show current action
Show current weapons(action types)
Show gold
Show level

Combo counter
Amount of correctly spelled words in combat

Repeat Attacks
Repeat last word (RE)

And a lot more. We should be able to shoot a video soon, of some tech demo progress.


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