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This is the more explain what u will find and expect out of this mod unit list for the the first team as of right now what is in my mind to say for fact

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Revans Phantasm


Revan, StarKiller, Juno Eclipse, Bastila Shawn, all of the main Jedi Order, Luke, Anakin, Padme, Qui Gon (Yes he will be here to make a come back!) Obi wan and more to follow

Jango and Bobba Fett (just ask if u wanna know why) including Zam Wesell!


Jedi Guardian, Jedi Consular, Jedi Sentinel

Republic field Commander

Clone phase 2 field Commander

Clone phase 2 Captins like Cody, Rex and all the others

Clone Commandos Delta, Omega, and stand alone squads



Republic soldiers (kotor oline)

Clones Phase 2(with all the following special divisions)


Venator including the clones space crafts that are all known and will have the further versions like Star Destroyers, executer, eclipse, and maybe death star if it will fit into what I have in mind


as I said just to give a idea what's to come a planet will either give u the ability's to build clones and there forces along with vehicles and space craft or republic vehicles and craft. Mandalor will build special units to mandalorians like Death Watch and there class of vehicles and craft.

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