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A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country is a free and fan-made game, created by one person (Igor F) as a tribute to the original Donkey Kong Country series. This post describes some of the things you can collect in the levels of the game! It will be available on December 1st.

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Hey there!

Since the announcement of the game last month, I read all your feedback on the game and worked on improving global performance and tweaking animations (especially DK's).

Splash screen

But let me give you a little bit more info about the game!

In each level, there are four DK Coins to collect:

  • One if you get all the K, O, N, G letters
  • One hidden in the level
  • One if you sucessfully finish the bonus zone
  • One if you beat the time record on the level
DK Coin hidden in the fifth level. Hidden Coin in the sixth level Hidden Coin in the first world of ATTDKC Hidden Coin in the third level of ATTDKC

The K, O, N, G letters :

The KONG letters hidden in the levels!

For the Time Attack mode, you must get all the KONG letters and this barrel will appear :

Time Attack in A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country

Break it and kill the Necky waiting for you at the end of the level to get the final DK Coin!

See you on December 1st for the release!


looks great, excellent tribute!

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This has blown my mind of all the work we can see you put into this! This looks like an amazing Tribute and I wish the best for you!

- Lake

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The feels man!

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