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As mentioned in description - my engine supports stereo-3d. You need red-cyan stereo-glasses to watch this pictures!

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Anaglyph stereo-3d is a very cheap technology that gives not bad results for less than a dollar. You need to find anaglyph red-cyan 3d-glasses to watch this pictures, they look great. In difference to NVidia 3d Vision (tm) you don't need to buy a new monitor and their device, just find paper-glasses.
All this pictures are screenshots and the game is fully stereo 3d, so you can move in it, in game it's not some crappy static pictures.


The Long Way Stereo 3d

The Long Way Stereo 3d

The Long Way Stereo 3d

Am developing the third map and all things are going well. In game it looks beter,than in map editor. Also I've built some new weapon models. One of them - machine gun:

Machine Gun

Also I decided to make a public tech demo of engine and game, do you want it??
Please comment!


Sadly I don't have a pair of red/blue glasses on hand right now, just blue/amber. A tech demo would be interesting to see, yes.

I'm not really digging the UI, I must say. Are the bars just place holders for now?

Also, could be cool if you made a UI for the 3D effect, something like cubes with depth for health/whatever the other bars are. So like, you'd have a line of blocks extending out and in that would empty (but leave a white frame) as your health/whatever emptied. Maybe? Sounds cool anyway. :P

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Sgw32 Author

Thanks! My engine also suuprts your blue/amber glasses, so it's not a problem. This three bars is a hud for another game making on my engine. All hud is from this game, so I'll build my own.

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