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How a game developed from one of the most elegant puzzle games ever made.

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A Sokoban Reversed puzzle game

NABOKOS started out as a simple university project. A project that involved recreating the mechanics behind Sokoban, a game about being a warehouse man, pushing a series of wooden crates onto goals. The mechanics in Sokoban are incredibly elegant, forming what I like to describe as a 'perfect game'.

Electricity & Magnetism

I liked that idea so much that I wanted to base my personal game project on the mechanics of Sokoban. But there was one catch. Rather than pushing boxes, players could only pull - using a magnet, a brilliant idea. Following that, it was only natural to theme the game around electricity and magnetism. On top of that, I added logic gates, which really symbolises the fact that game design, in itself, is a puzzle game.

Integrated level editor

Now did I mention that the game has a built in level editor? That was a very natural thing to include, given the nature of the game, a game that teases the challenge of game development and programming in general.


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