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Few explanations of what will be implemented in the newer version of Alien Wave (0.55, 0.6)

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To be short, the main things which I am working now is :
- Add an alien model in order replace the fast zombie
- Add the marines of the UHN, who will the ally of the player during the campaign and alien survival missions
- Create the second chapter of the mod where the player must defend Krona Polis from aliens wave (antlions coming from one side, voritgaunt from the other and fast aliens too)

And with this, I will also add many new gameplay modification as the third person view or the iron sight. So here is what is planned for Alien Wave 0.6, I will also open a website dedicated to the mod soon !

About the alien models, I got the model, but the problem is that I need to animate it and to make it work in Half-Life 2. So I need to learn modelling and animating, but I have now few important school exams which I need to prepare ! I will be free to work on the mod probably the next week.

Otherwise, I am always looking for a modeller ! Do not hesitate to contact me if you got a modelling/animating skill

Well this is all for now ! I am always opened to your comments and suggestions about the mod.

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