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Hello folks! StinkyTiger here. Since last week’s dev update the primary PZ devs have continued to beaver away at the Zomboid mainframe, with Lemmy turning his attention to upping the game’s potential fps in his continuing mission to optimise the code so it can handle a full cast of sociable roaming NPCs. In the barren mean-time for you guys, however, we wanted to turn the spotlight on some of the fantastic mods that have cropped up in our forums – and indeed pay tribute to their creators.

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Project Zomboid is being built so it’s expandable by way of modding, and our community peeps have been hard at work doing just that. Over the course of PZ's development, we've seen a growing number of people building a bunch of additional content for the game, and we're proud to be able to run through some of it here on the blog.

Firstly, it's worth noting that any story mods featured here and downloaded should be unzipped and inserted into, for PC, c:\installdirectory\mods\ (or for Desura users, c:\Program Files\Desura\Common\Project Zomboid\mods) > Stories. Mac users should insert them into Contents > Resources > Java > Media > Stories.

We'll start by spotlighting a pair of mods by prolific forum-goer Ontogenesis. In Case Of Fire and Revenge Of Baldspot are both brilliant stories with exciting narrative and clever modding to back it up. While In Case Of Fire stands independent of the tutorial story, Revenge Of Baldspot focuses on Bob's anguish over Kate's death and the doomed wankiness of the raider who killed her. This is probably the best mod available for people who feel a small burning in their belly when around our team, and in particular a certain Mr. Batsphinx.

Alternatively, In Case Of Fire is an ingenious, quirky mod about unique NPC Crazy Chris and his antics. It just about does what it says on the tin, with some tasty surprises. This is a must-have extension for fans of fire and/or Project Zomboid. You can find both of Ontogenesis' story mods on our forums, here and here.

While Ontogenesis has taken his mods around the map, three static adaptations to the game's dialogue come from Raze, InnocentSam and Ringod123. While Raze's instills a slight change in the original tutorial script, the overall effect on Bob and Kate's relationship is somewhat substantial. The mod, 'Til Death Us Do Part (Multiverse Edition) can be downloaded here. Ringod123's Geordie Zomboid story mod takes the original dialogue from the Kate and Baldspot story and changes it all into Geordie (Ringod123's own accent) and is available here. These are a perfect demonstration of how a fresh take on our original concept can be executed simply but with great effect on the tale being told. And also be quite funny.

Café Death, on the other hand, is a minimalist's dream. And by this we mean it's very minimalist. Very, very minimalist indeed. As a test for future mods though, it's pretty neat and we're keen to see more from InnocentSam in the future. If you're a fan of cutscenes, you can download this wee tester here and enjoy the blood that follows. If you like this mod, there's also a tweaked version of it that allows it to go a little further. It's made by Ringod123 and can be found here.

Beyond this is a small quest modded in by beeawwb. It's called The Hypochondriac and it adds an NPC who is in desperate need of tissues because he is ill. Definitely, definitely ill. It's a small retrieval mission that just adds a little extra something to your adventure and can again be found on the forums.

Finally though, I'll leave you with an excellent demonstration video of some mods that we'll go into more detail with next time, including maps and sprites. It's from Ringod123, features his work-in-progess story Dead Hard and demonstrates a vast collection of community bits and bobs (all downloadable in this handy bundle). Other videos of PZ are also in abundance on the site, so sit down and enjoy the Geordie accent as it takes you through the game and its modded features first hand.

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"This is probably the best mod available for people who feel a small burning in their belly when around our team, and in particular a certain Mr. Batsphinx. "

Uh oh! Great post, StinkyTiger! Though I am a bit worried about the "sociable roaming NPCs" after I read a few horror stories online about them. :)

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Going to plug it here but is endorsed by indiestone and have many great guides written there.

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Men i have to buy it now to try that !

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