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I discuss a potential release date for an alpha, as well as talk about suggestions and player involvement.

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Hi everyone, Atheon here.

Finally, I've decided upon a potential release date for an alpha of this mod. I've decided that our new Alpha date will be...

*Drum Roll*

February 20.

There are many reasons behind the lateness of this release, but one main one needs to be identified:

This isn't finished.

Balance is very difficult to achieve with Titans, especially in the manner I'd like to use them. I'm still uncertain the scale I'd like to use. I'm still working with variant ideas.

So, yeah. There you go.

What'll be included?

The main alpha release will be the Vasari Titans, the Coronata Titan, and the Ankylon Titan. There may also be an addon for Titan Flagships. Also included in the release will be one variant for each of the Vasari Titans and one variant for the Ankylon Titan. (Devourer, Homeworld, and Supercarrier, respectively.)

Well, what about me?

That might be a question you're asking. As always, feel free to comment or message me with any suggestions or possible aid you may have with the mod project. Please keep in mind I already have frames for all the Titans and their variants, but I can meld a few if the suggestion is rich enough. Also keep in mind that the only hard part of modifying the Titans is the variant system. Well, then there's balance.

Anyway, that's all I have for now! Just thought I'd keep you updated,



Sounds great :) I look forward to it

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