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The leaders at Abandoned have some new news (finally).

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I bet you are all wondering "Hey, who the hell is Dragondx11?". Well, I am the coder and co-leader at the Abandoned mod and I have some big news! First of all, I coded 4 news weapons (No skins, models, or anims yet though the saigas model is nearing completion ). The AK-47, Dragunov, SRS .338, and the Saiga-12 are working and can be used in game... Another awesome thing is I set up a online repository for the dev team to use so we can work and transfer files quicker and better. What does this mean for the reader? Well, it means that we can hit a playable beta sooner than before, which I am really pushing/hoping for the end of *my* summer vacation (Start of Sept). Wish us luck. =D
Before I go I need to tell you the basic pre-requirements to run this game

You need HL2 Deathmatch (Only 5 bucks)

You also need HL2 Episode 2 (Only 8 bucks)


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