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So here we are, back with the first update of 2014! Showing off new screenshots, including the first landscape images.

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Meet the Team: Visuals

A New Year for Althas

So here we are, back with the first update of 2014! Firstly, we would like to mention that our IndieDB page will be getting a pretty fancy overhaul thanks to Barbas in the near future. This and the new blog site have been a long time coming and we hope you like the results.

Next we have some images to show you from in-game, a demonstration of what we have been hard at work on behind-the-scenes.

Tracks through the Forest

First, we have our first landscape screenshot with assets created and contributed by Elin and Ztree. The landscape work was done by BGS. This greener look will be a common sight in southern Thenodar. As we progress you will also see more variety in foliage, so consider this a prelude of things to come.

Cunnian Market Square

Next we have some architecture work to show off. The models you see here are by BGS, BlownKapz and Grayson Powers, and the city layout is by MEB. The architecture you see here is what will be common in the city of Arisan, capital of Thenodar.

Thenodrim architecture is largely made of timber-framing construction, although vestiges of other influences can be found in some of the larger, older settlements. With independence brought to the region, the people celebrate their new King, Astýran Bealdor, with bright colors. The "red phoenix" banner (the symbol of Astýran) can be seen on many of the flags, a symbol of new life in Althas.

Cunnian at Night

Late night in Althas can be dark, and sometimes dangerous. Make sure to keep your wits about you.


In the weeks to come, we will continue to show you more of our work and continue to give you insight into the world of Althas.

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And so the fancyness continues!^^
Very nice.

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Glad to see update.

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Looks great guys!

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