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Now, the in-game map of Dibella's Watch is finally up and running correctly, and fast travel is also opened! Read more about it here.

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A new In-Game Map

I wasn't going to publish this bit yet, but it's an easy thing to let you all have as it's not too much hassle publishing it and I do want some comments on the new stuff that the new In-Game map of Dibella's Watch adds and the effects it has on the gameplay as a whole.

The map included in the download is the final version of the Dibella's Watch in-game map. The coordinates are now all correct and the whole continent is showing up properly. This has also led me to open up the continent for fast travel between discovered locations on the map, which will make the game faster and remove a lot of running between places. It may have effects on gameplay and the Quest missions that I havent thought about yet, so comments please.

Download the new map right here on ModDB to test it. Just merge the files with the rest of Dibella's Watch and overwrite where asked, activate the supplied .esp and off you go.

Longer Dialogue Lines

By the way, here's a good tip. For those who aren't pleased with the eight second silent dialogue lines that are shown instead of voice acted ones, but want more time to read the lines, please download this handy addition from TesNexus. Choose one of the 10, 20 or 30 second silent MP3's found in the download, copy it to your Oblivion/Data/OBSE/Plugins folder. Rename the existing Elys_USV MP3-file into something like "Backup" and then change the name of the file you just copied into "Elys_USV". If you want the previous eight second file back, just rename the backup again and delete the one you copied.

The New In-Game Map The New In-Game Map

Version History

- Perfected the in-game map, but was unable to merge it into the .esm for some reason. Still an independent .esp.
- Opened up fast travel.


Are you going to remove fast travel like the nehrim team did? ( I think you should do so at final release so people will actually see and discover your work)

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Antiscamp Author

I thought long and hard, and actually, I have just activated Fast Travel with this very update. People will still discover the stuff I've created, since only a handful locations in the east of the island are shown on-map from the beginning, and you still have to venture on foot to all the new locations you'll discover to be able to revisit them using Fast Travel. Fast Travel makes the game as a whole flow better once the player starts the quests.

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