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If you cant be a programmer, why not create something you truly know what to do? Just 3d model a small little world. My dad would tell me "Use what you have.". UrbanScape? What is it? A 3d process inspired by Lego simulations. Simple an update refinement of the world weekly.

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Creating worlds is a passion.

I never had stop thinking about playing a Lego game worlds. But the problem was I didn't liked the limited amount of framerates, tools of any sort of game. That's means no Minecraft, Blockland and other kinds of Lego inspired games. I was always fascinated by observing virtual places where people made their own little world.

In summer 2008 my family got the very first desktop computer, I couldn't stop playing Lego based games. I love it with all my mind. But I felt this emptiness because of the limitation the games it had at the time. I knew playing games is a passion most importantly sandboxes. But what I always loved was creating little worlds. Even following industry standard of projects. But how do you create your own world?

Simple, know the basics of 3D modeling and game engine. That's it but it takes 2 weeks to know the basics of these softwares.

If creating worlds is your everything then it shall be. From Arts, Videogames and movies. Most importantly you are the constructor. No you not God, not even me, you are a construction builder. By creating that awesome world you can share with your friends.

Call these people like you and me "The constructor", nothing else.

With this game UrbanScape will be building process everyday by one person! Everything has a vision to be made in the near future. Because construction means everything. Thank you and have a great time!

P.S. I hope UrbanScape goes ultra viral, but really relaxed.

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