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The journey aboard The Typhon continues. An Automatic Rifle, land mines and plenty more discoveries await you aboard...

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Download Typhon demo here!

A quick update, but it is filled with lots of content!

I have added my first new custom weapon to the mod: The Automatic Rifle. It is exactly what it says it is (lol). The TechOp class cannot use it - for his physical strength and firearms training are not of the caliber required to use it.


As well, the DemoMan class now starts the game with a couple of landmines -which are exclusive to this class. Check them out:

Here is the new pistol and shotgun zombie variants:


Screenshot Doom 20221203 101047

There is even more - you can check the images and videos pages and you may see some other new graphics. I am currently working on finishing the engineering section of the ship- but it will be some time as it is rather large. This also means that I will be adding onto other portions of the ship that have already been explored - expect a very expanded experience from what the demo provided. I have also made a special item for the Infiltrator class - being a cyborg he can get a brain chip that allows him to heal at consoles throughout the ship. Right now the consoles have placeholder art - you can see the Red cross in the screenshot above.

I will continue with the updates as frequently as possible. The project is really starting to take shape into what I first pictured it as. Thank you for the support!

Premo36 - - 86 comments

Looking forward to play it! I didn't have a chance yet... BTW did you ever managed to make the audio dialogues works also on gzdoom?

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TRUDADDY - - 36 comments

Still working on that for next release..literally a weird problem man! Your initial critique made me refocus for sure! Almost all suggestions and more have been done...changing all weapons to my own new ones too

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