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A fresh new beginning, after the lost of a good project: CnC Commander's Faith...

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Hi everybody!I was working on CnC: Commander's Faith, but informatic problems made impossible to continue the project. As i were working alone, it was very hard to make all from the beginning again. So I were thinking about: why not making a new mod? Something completely different? With the help of L()KI from ppmsite, we are making differents mods but with some shared ideas.

-"A whimper for hope" is a mod set in a distant future, where humanity was teared down by an unknown alien race. 2 remaining human fortresses, Markis-V and Novaris, are still defending bravely against the alien invasion. On the meantime, the surrendered planets are terraformed, and the main U.D.C (United Defense Corp or humans) 's objective is to take back earth before it is completely terraformed. On the conquered planets, the alien race enslaves surviving humans, to use them against their ennemy. But even if they are enslaved, they found themselves gods... In one year, more than 10 planets were conquered by the "Toots"... It is time now to stop this and push them back!

-In the future planned Campaign, you will have first to defend Novaris, and then lead your troops to earth via other planets, in order to take back vital informations about humanity, weapon prototypes, and then lead the final assault on earth.

-Actually, the mod has 2 sides: the "U.D.C", and the "Toots" (Aliens, but humans renamed them due to their whistles when they communicate). A third one may be added, "the enslaved" (Half-humans, half-aliens).

See you on the battlefield commander!




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