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It has been a while since we have posted an update on this website. We have worked on many things. Such as: vlogs, a showcase level, a journal, a replacement for the fear bar, hatches, locks and more!

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Hi everyone!

It has been a while since our last update on this website. We have made a lot of progress since the last article we wrote. In that article we talked about the lantern, which came with new animations, like checking the current oil level. We also showed how some of the lights/candles have been improved and we also mentioned we were working on locks. Well, we have a lot of things to share with you now!

As of right now, we are still working on the basics. Yes, this takes a lot of time. Remember that we started out having absolutely no experience with videogame development. We need to take things step by step and we continue to improve the game as much as we can. So, let's get into details.

The first thing I should mention is that we started a vlog series on YouTube. We did start this a while ago and some of you still follow these videos. If you didn't, check them out by starting here. In our vlogs we talk about recent updates and show you new features!

Level 0
This level isn't part of the game. This is a scene where we can show you some of the new things that are being worked on. This level is just a showcase we can use for our YouTube videos. A vlog about this level can be watched here.

Interaction: footsteps, carpets, locks and hatches!
We have added a few new sounds to the footsteps system. Now if you walk over carpets, the footsteps sound muffled. Oh and what's that? It sounds like something is underneath this carpet. Now it's possible to roll up certain carpets. Why? Let's just say there might be some interesting secrets hidden here and there. Maybe a note with information, or.... a hatch! That's right. This hatch can be opened and the lock can be unlocked. More about this in this vlog.

The Journal
One of the new features is the journal. Nicholas, the protagonist, carries a journal with him. From time to time Nicholas takes notes or finds additional info, such as diary entries. These will all be stored in the journal. A vlog about this journal can be watched here.

The Mood Ring
In our older videos you might of seen a bar that fills up on the left. This kept track of your current fear level. We had a lot of thought about this and wanted to clear up the HUD. In fact, we wanted to get rid of the whole HUD. So the first step was to find a replacement for the current fear system. So we gave the player a mood ring. Now it's the ring that keeps track of your fear level and shows you how scared you really are at that moment. The higher your fear, the clumsier you become. You might be able to knock over a vase if you're not careful. Check out the mood ring in this vlog.

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