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In a few day or sooner, another download will be edit.

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I am now painstakingly working on the complete hardpoint overhaul. Everysingle hardpoint must be deleted and then buildup again from scratch. I hope you can understand that this can take some time. I just finished all fighters and bombers. The Centurion and Derriphan. Now the rest.

About that Ravager problem. In the demo it won't get better than a reskin with more damage. I only need to code it for now.

All heroes except the Ebon Hawk need yet to be created. I hope that it won't take more than a day, but I don't know what to expect.

I'll be working on all destreptions for now and all those little jobs.
Stand by for more news and updates.



Good luck, hope you can get it all done in a timely mannar for a good demo version :P

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Jeroenimo Author

I'm really trying, but I just don't want to release something of what I later think of "they I could have done that, and that, and this doesn't have a description..." and so on, if I release something, it will be good to decent without to many bugs.

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