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This list is a working list, that means nothing is set in stone and can be added or removed at any point. Hopefully this will give you some insight on what direction we are trying to take this MOD.

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Just a heads up for anyone who hasn't seen the list on the Bohemia thread. Planned assets to be included in the mod are as follows:

• Snow units
• Change helmet attachments to be eyeglasses
• Magazine pouches added to the vest
• Balaclavas
• Female heads
• Eye piece
• More Backpacks
• Tac pad ( custom GPS)
• Turtle necks ( to close gap between helmet and vest on odst )
• Black odst dress uniforms
• White marine dress uniform
• Blueish/ grey officer dress uniforms
• Vacuum sealed helmet HUD
• UNSC Navy units (frigate crew members)

• Replace vests with unsc vests (retexture black with innie logo on it)
• Retexture them to be a bit dirtier

• Flares
• Concusion grenades
• Napalm grenades
• C-12 shaped charge
• M168 demolition charge
• SRS 99 Anti-material
• MA37
• Model 99 SASR
• M392 DMR
• M319 GL
• H165 Target Locator
• M6C
• HMG-38
• MA2B Assault Rifle
• M90 Shotgun/ Law Enforcement
• M6J Carbine
• MA5K Carbine
• M7057 Defoliant Projector
• MG460 Automatic GL (vehicles and static turrets)
• AIE-486 Heavy Machine Gun (vehicles and static turrets)

• GA-TL1 "Longsword" Bomber/CAS
• AH-144 "Falcon" Transport
• AV-14 "Hornet" CAS
• F99 "Wombat"
• AV-22 “Sparrowhawk”
• AC-220 “Vulture”
• D96-TCE “Albatross”
• B-65 "Shortsword"
• Falcon (fighter jet)
• M808B "Scorpion"
• M808B2 “Sun Devil”
• M808B3 “tarantula”
• M97 "Cougar"
• SP42 "Cobra"
• M312 "Elephant"
• M274 "Mongoose"
• M9 “Wolverine”
• Fox Cannon
• HuCiv Genet
• HuCiv Genet (Police)
• HuCiv HC1500
• Überchassis Luxury Sports Car
• TurboGen Independent Wheel Drive Spade
• Traxus S-2 Cargo Transporter
• Charon Class Frigate
• Civilian Transport Vessel
• Civilian Cargo Vessel
• Class 3 Bumblebee
• ONI Prowler
• UNSC Corvette

This post is constantly expanding and changing, some of these have also been added in!

Further information can be found at:

Or our reddit:

See you on the ground troopers!

zakattack04 - - 361 comments

:D The hype is real! Can't wait for new vehicles!

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DiggerJames56 - - 150 comments

can you guys update it plz! XD MANY THANKS

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NinjaDemon05 - - 46 comments

Would you consider the marines who fight wearing standard fatigues 'crewmen'? Not all troops fight in coveralls and armoured plates. Look at the marines in Halo pc c10, if I'm correct. When they fought the flood, those marines were rocking standard fatigues over plated armour... Just a question, but are standard fatigues with some ammo pouches in the future, no matter how far off?

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Guest - - 696,449 comments

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Battlemage1 - - 962 comments

I suggest you to keep this page active, marking your progress for the community.

Have you made one awesome Longsword? Good! Let's mark it on this list!
Probably have a new target? Mark it on the list as next "TO DO"!
Experience time shortage? Feeleing you'll have to freeze some projects? Well, let us know which!

That's exactly how you can maintain community continual support.

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IANSWALKER - - 13 comments

female heads but no vocals so... pointless

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IANSWALKER - - 13 comments

still love there work though

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Cpt_McCauley - - 1 comments

I'd recommend also adding the life boats from Halo Combat Evolved.

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camwars - - 49 comments

No Covie updates? :(

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camwars - - 49 comments

no covenant still?

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theduke2121 - - 3 comments

since we have the Kodiak now which is the same thing as the fox cannon but cannon I would assume that what you guys are going to switch ti too

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temporarytemp3r - - 100 comments

Is this like more up to date than the steam version?

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