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Take the opportunity to tie a nice ribbon over your special agent education by taking a top secret mission behind enemy lines.

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We're probing the depths of the Japanese Mac scene this time around.

A Graduation Ceremony by Tomohisa Kishihata gives us 7 new maps for the First Encounter. There is a storyline: you're about to finish education in the finest academy for special agents. To give your education a nice finishing touch, you're offered a mission deep within enemy territory. You can refuse... but that wouldn't look well on your resume, now would it? So of course you accept. The maps are fairly simple, of course with heaps of enemies to block your progress and a fair few secret pushwalls too. Enjoy.

Fumihisa Yumoto. Sorry, I mean Tomohisa Kishihata.

graduation 1

graduation 2

A Graduation Ceremony

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