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Despite great changes, things have been picking up here at Heath Games! Can't begin to express how grateful I am to be blessed with such a great team

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Half-Rats/Heath Games Personal Update:

Hey, it's the Rats-man himself - here to bring the good news! Progress on our latest, commercial title has been consummate! That is to say, things are going well - I've stepped up to the plate and have added "programmer" to my list of responsibilities. Many of the core features of "Waking Nightmare" are being slowly, but steadily knocked out - while at the same time, I'm going through a rather hectic move. I've taken the plunge, left my job, and am moving to Flint! Yes, THAT Flint.

The studio, the cats, the weaponry, the antiques, and even the computer I'm using to type this - all relocating to Flint - a city that needs a second chance! The paperwork is all drawn up and ready to go, and once I'm no longer broke-dog-d*ck, I plan on making Heath Games an officially, legal-eagle, dyed-in-the-wool company. Enough idioms - it's happening, folks. There, I will be looking to assemble a team of devs and eventually establish a brick-and-mortar enterprise. Michigan needs devs - and my ass is here to do the best I can to make sure they stay!

Of course, in the interim, this doesn't excuse me from the daily grind of a day job - I need SOME revenue to pay my team with after all! Anyway, enough about me, onto the game!

What's New?

Lest I forget, we've changed the format a little bit...okay - a LOT bit. Waking Nightmare is now a wave-based tower defense game, rather than a push-based RTT - with facility to be ported to mobile phones and tablets of the Android persuasion. It's simple, it's streamlined, and It's set up to allow for plenty of greasy finger-dragging, but also to run on just fine on a PC. I'll just link you to a video so you can get a little taste! A video in which I test out the functionality of the player's special ability - the Howitzer Strike!

Wowie, huh? Okay, maybe not THAT impressive...Yet! But it will be, okay? So just don't...


Here we see the Legionnaire, animated by our newest member, Andre Foster! You might recognize these from "A Fever Dream"!


And some lovely scenery!


And MORE lovely scenery! Speaking of lovely scenery, Ryan Kohr, one of our environment artists has been giving the buildings a serious overhaul as of late!



Factory 1


We're still on the warpath when it comes to updating the graphics, and we're gettin' closer each day!

So thanks for following, my friends, and stay tuned! Or I'll f**king kill you!

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